About the Society


The Yayasan Pa van der Steur (the yayasan) in Jakarta, Indonesia, is home to forty boys and girls,who live in two separate houses: one for the boys and one for the girls. Their ages vary from three to 18, with the youngest getting support from the older ones from day one. Besides the accommodation, the yayasan also has a kindergarten, primary school and high school. Children from the surrounding areas can register for these. Once the orphans finish high school, the yayasan helps them to find a job. And if a child performs well, he or she has the option to continue their education elsewhere.

The purpose of the Society Friends of the Orphanage Yayasan Pa van der Steur (the Society) is to provide the yayasan with financial support. To recruit donors, the Society raises awareness about the yayasan, for example by providing information about fun events like a sponsored trip to a water park or, on a more serious note, explaining the history of one of the children.


Members of the board

Chairwoman: Eveline Gerritsen-Kastein
Treasurer: Rosa van Valkenhoef
Secretary: Matthieu de Borst
Call +316 51394054 / email mrdeborst@gmail.com

Gen. board member: Nel de Borst
Gen. board member: Marijke Ross
Gen. board member: Tom Jutte

The same project for every child every time:
love and care